Union Pearson Express
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News / Videos

  • UPisode 1

    Watch the exciting journey of the UP Express trains as they prepare for shipping across the Pacific

  • Community Interviews

    Interviews with community leaders about the need for an air-rail link in Toronto

  • Travel Happy

    Overview of Toronto's first air-rail link

  • Welcoming the World

    Overview of Toronto's first air-rail link

  • Animation of purpose-built spur line

    Simulated travel experience along the Union Pearson Express elevated spur line connecting the Kitchener Corridor to Toronto Pearson

Getting from Union to Pearson

Travelling between downtown Toronto and Toronto Pearson International Airport is about to get a whole lot easier. It's time to rise above the traffic and experience stress-free reliability.

Welcoming the World

Airline check-in kiosks, luggage racks, onboard Wi-Fi and up-to-the-minute flight information. This is a whole new level of service.