Union Pearson Express
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The Project

It’s been a dream of Torontonians – not to mention time-crunched travellers to the city – for decades. That dream is now finally taking shape, as construction of an air-rail link between Toronto Pearson International Airport and Union Station in downtown Toronto is under way. Here are a few details on one of the most ambitious – and important – transportation projects in the province’s history.


Follow the trains

The UP Express trip between Union Station and Toronto Pearson Airport is only 25 km long, and our trains will whisk travelers between Canada’s two largest transportation hubs in just 25 minutes. But first, they must complete a much longer journey from the manufacturing plant in Nagoya, Japan to Toronto (via the Panama Canal, Georgia and Illinois) – a total trek of roughly 20,000 km! Find out more...


New Line

A key element of the Union Pearson Express will be the construction of a new connecting line between the existing GO Kitchener rail corridor and Terminal 1 at Toronto Pearson International Airport. This Spring, construction began on the three-kilometre ‘spur’ line. When completed in 2015, the spur will rise above major highways and roadways: with a highest elevation of about 28m above ground, the trip will give visitors and residents a uniquely elevated view of Toronto Pearson and the city. Find out more...



A special air-rail service calls for special vehicles. For the Union Pearson Express, new shuttles were required to meet the unique operating environment of the airport. The Diesel Multiple Units (DMUs) we’ve selected meet exacting vehicle performance and design specifications, and conform to the most stringent air quality requirements. Find out more...



From the time they buy their tickets to boarding our state-of-the-art shuttles, Union Pearson Express guests will enjoy the benefits of convenient, well-designed and accessible facilities. Among those are our four stations – new ones at Union Station in downtown Toronto and at Toronto Pearson Terminal 1, and significantly upgraded stations at Bloor and at Weston. Find out more...




The Union Pearson Express service will require upgrades and changes all along the shared 22-kilometre stretch of the GO Kitchener line between Union Station and the beginning of the connecting line to Terminal 1. In fact, those upgrades are part of a larger infrastructure project – the Georgetown South Project. Find out more...


In the Community

Metrolinx and the Union Pearson Express are committed to keeping our partners in the community informed and engaged in the development of the project. We regularly provide updates and information on project status on our website and in newsletters available to stakeholders. We have also conducted community outreach and plan to increase our engagement in neighbourhoods as launch approaches. Information is available through three community offices – at Strachan, Weston and West Toronto Diamond – which offer interpretation services in more than 100 languages.

Getting from Union to Pearson

Travelling between downtown Toronto and Toronto Pearson International Airport is about to get a whole lot easier. It's time to rise above the traffic and experience stress-free reliability.

Welcoming the World

Airline check-in kiosks, luggage racks, onboard Wi-Fi and up-to-the-minute flight information. This is a whole new level of service.