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Toronto's Best Photography Spots - Part 2: Outdoor Locations

Toronto's Best Photography Spots - Part 2: Outdoor Locations

Toronto is home to many outdoor photo-worthy art installations, picturesque neighbourhoods, historical architecture and unique landscapes. Whether you’re a professional photographer or just want some great Instagram photo ideas, check out our list of Toronto’s best outdoor photography locations and give your photography portfolio (or your Insta-feed) an extra edge!

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Take Breathtaking Photos of Toronto’s Waterfront Locations

Want to capture some incredible Toronto waterfront photography? Take a trip out to Polson Pier. The graceful structure of The CN Tower standing amongst dozens of high-rises defines Toronto’s skyline and is a perfect backdrop for your next Facebook profile photo or family album. Located in the industrial Port Lands area of the city along the waterfront of Toronto Harbour, Polson Pier is a go-to photography spot for locals and tourists alike.

Looking for some uniquely Torontonian photo ideas or just some artistic inspiration for your next selfie? Head towards Ontario Place! In addition to year-round access to Toronto’s waterfront, Ontario Place offers countless aesthetic photo ideas – interesting structures, landmarks (like the Cinesphere theatre and Marina) and lots of green space. Speaking of green space, Trillium Park – located on Ontario’s Place east island – offers plenty of photo-worthy landscapes. From the southern end of the park, you can get one of the best views of the downtown Toronto skyline, and it’s a great spot for catching a breathtaking sunrise or sunset photo. Here, you can climb on boulders and rocks in the Bluff to get the perfect angle, visit the Pavilion, or capture some cute couples’ pics in the Romantic Garden. Before exploring the 22km waterfront trail, be sure to stop in Inukshuk Park. Home to one of the largest Inukshuks in North America, the Inuit stone structure stands 30 feet tall with an arm spanning 15 feet wide. It took approximately 50 tonnes of mountain rose granite to create the Inukshuk. Whether you’re visiting Toronto for the first time or you’re a long-time local, this landmark is a must-see for both professional and amateur photographers alike.

Find the Best Photography Spots in Toronto’s Historic District

If you’re looking for outdoor locations for your next family photo shoot or a timeless backdrop for your wedding photos, go back in time to Toronto’s Distillery District. This historic neighbourhood offers a blend of Victorian Industrial architecture and 21st century design, perfect for eye-catching, artsy photo ideas. As one of the most photographed areas in Toronto, it’s no wonder the Distillery Historic District is considered one of the premier arts, culture and entertainment destinations in the city.
The Gooderham (Flatiron) Building is another Toronto architectural landmark that can serve as an amazing backdrop for your next portfolio piece or casual Instagram photo shoot. This historic office building stands at 49 Wellington Street East, with sides that face Front Street and Wellington Street so that they come together in a triangular intersection. Completed in 1892, it’s a unique historic building in a cool part of town. Shutterbugs are sure to find an endless supply of unique, year-round photo ideas here including the whimsical fountain at Berczy Park that pays tribute to Toronto’s four-legged furry friends – an obvious location for cute dog photos!

Get Edgy Photographs of Toronto Art Installations

Canoe Landing Park offers plenty of beautiful outdoor photo inspiration. The 8-acre urban park features pieces by Douglas Coupland – like a big red canoe large enough for several people to stand in, a display of large fishing bobbers, a beaver dam and the "heart-shaped stone" bronze artwork created in honour of Terry Fox.

Explore Unique Photography Ideas in Toronto Neighbourhoods

If you want to explore and photograph an entire neighbourhood full of art and architecture, be sure to visit Kensington Market. With narrow streets and alleys that snake through late-19th century cottages and Victorian houses painted in vibrant colours, there are tons of Instagram-able spots here to experience and document with your camera. Kensington Market is a feast for the eyes in the heart of downtown Toronto.
Near Fort York (itself a remarkable Toronto destination), you’ll find June Callwood Park – better known by its nickname: Pink Park. Created to commemorate author and journalist June Callwood, the park is part architectural, part natural with interesting photo ideas for any season. Its ‘Super-Real Forest’ offers a sampling of native Canadian trees, and links five distinct clearings: the Puzzle Garden, the Maze, the Pink Field, Time Strip Gardens and the Ephemeral Pool. The Pink Field takes centre stage – its springy surface is covered in brightly coloured rubber for games and play: the perfect place to snag action shots of the young and young at heart.
While the Gardiner Expressway isn’t thought of as a piece of art, there’s plenty of interesting art to be found underneath it – on both the west and east ends of the city. In addition to the colourful graffiti on the Gardiner’s concrete pillars, there are plenty of art installations and unique photography spots for you to explore.
Kicking off Spring/Summer 2021 at The Bentway – located between Fort York Blvd. and Strachan Ave. – ‘Double Dribble’ by Esmaa Mohamoud transforms the Bentway into dozens of basketball nets of varying sizes and heights, with bright neon court lines running throughout. In Corktown, you’ll find Underpass Park – the most extensive park to be built under an overpass in Canada. Underpass Park has many beautiful photographic locations to capture, including the 57 octagonal reflective surfaces that are hanging on the underside of the overpass, and LED spotlights offer lots of ways to capture a truly unique Instagram selfie!
East or west, there’s plenty to see beneath the Expressway and worth checking out on your photographic explorations.
No matter where you go, Toronto’s scenery, landscapes and architecture will offer photographers an evolving supply of unique and truly Canadian artistic inspiration. Whether you are an amateur or professional photographer, or just taking cute selfies, Toronto offers endless creative inspiration and great photography locations for you to discover!
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