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Tips For A Long Flight

Got a long flight coming up? We’ve got some easy tips on how to survive long flights and make your overall travel experience a bit more comfortable.

Get to the airport quickly and on time. It seems obvious since it’s the first leg of your long flight, but showing up late, rushing through security, and having to board a flight after running for the gate would leave anyone in an agitated state. It just sets a bad tone for the rest of your long flight.
Plan your trip to the airport out in advance and leave some extra time padded into your commute for traffic and unexpected check in snafus. It seems counter-intuitive; deliberately making a long flight slightly longer, but you’d be amazed how far a relaxed and calm state of mind can help you survive a long flight. UP Express is a super easy solution for getting to or from Toronto’s Pearson International Airport. There’s no traffic to worry about, and you’ll experience a quick 25-minute connection from downtown’s Union Station right to the airport.
Now that you’ve gotten to the airport, you might be asking yourself what to bring on the plane?
Bring some entertainment. Books, movies, music, or games all make for quick and easy diversions that can help kill a couple of hours on your flight. Noise-cancelling headphones will get you the most out of your entertainment, or even help you find your quiet time. Earplugs are also useful for blocking out a noisy plane cabin. Just be sure to pre-load any music, movies or apps since free and easily accessible Wi-Fi at terminals or on planes is never guaranteed.
Bring the juice! Figuratively and literally. You’ll need to keep your electronic devices powered up for the long haul, so keep chargers, extra batteries or a portable power bank at the ready. Your body also needs a power boost now and then, so try keeping your own supply of snacks and drinks handy for the flight. Word of caution: Be sure whatever you bring will get by security. Granola bars and the like are usually okay, but you may have to bring a refillable water bottle and fill it once you’ve cleared security.
Bring a change of clothes. It’s always good to have a sweater, pants, t-shirt or shorts with you in case you find the plane too warm or too cold. Plus nothing beats stepping off a plane into gorgeous hot weather in your shorts and t-shirt. Travelling from hot to cold is not nearly as exciting, but at least you’ll be prepared!
Make it clean; make it comfortable. Wipes and sanitizers are great for a quick wipe down of your seating area. You’ll be sitting there for a while, so peace of mind regarding your seat’s cleanliness goes a long way. You may want to get extra comfortable on longer flights and try to catch some sleep. Some airlines can provide travel pillows, sleep masks, and blankets, but they won’t be as comfy as one of your own, and comfort is king when escaping off to la-la-land.
Brush up. Freshening yourself up always provides a boost of energy, but unless you’re flying First Class on a long haul flight, a shower is out of the question. But bringing along a toothbrush and brushing your teeth is quick, easy and will make you feel a bit fresher upon arrival.
Tag the bag. For those that fly a lot, using luggage trackers are a great way to keep tabs on your bags. You’ll know if your luggage landed with you or not and the better ones can even help you pinpoint your bag's location at the baggage claim saving you some hunting time.
The best tip for how to survive long flights? Keep your cool and be polite. Travelling can be stressful, but getting short with people on long flights only makes the commute that much more stressful and less enjoyable for everyone.
Bon Voyage!