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Travelling on UP Express gets you exclusive rewards with the Tims® Credit Card.

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Travel stress-free between Union and YYZ! E-tickets valid for a year.

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Pay for Your UP Fare with PRESTO in Google Wallet™

Beginning November 14, we’re making it easier for you to travel on UP Express and providing you more options to pay for your fare with PRESTO in Google Wallet.

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Keep Your Trip On Track

Keep your trip on track with 25 minutes journeys between downtown Toronto and Pearson Airport.

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Tap With Your Credit and Debit to Pay for Your UP Express Fare

When riding with us, simply tap your credit card, debit card, including in a mobile wallet on your phone or watch on a PRESTO device and you’re ready to go. Try it today!

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Toronto Pearson Airport

Flight information can change at any time. Airlines are responsible for the accuracy of flight information. You can confirm flight departure or arrival times with your airline or at Toronto Pearson Airport.

Land Acknowledgement

Metrolinx acknowledges that it operates on lands that have been, and continue to be, home to many Indigenous Peoples including the Anishnabeg, the Haudenosaunee and the Huron-Wendat peoples. We are all Treaty people. Many of us have come here as settlers, as immigrants or involuntarily as part of the trans-Atlantic slave trade, in this generation, or generations past. We acknowledge the historic and continued impacts of colonization and the need to work towards meaningful reconciliation with the original caretakers of this land. We acknowledge that Metrolinx operates on territories and lands covered by many treaties that affirm and value the rights of Indigenous communities, Nations and Peoples. We understand the importance of working towards reconciliation with the original caretakers of this land. At Metrolinx, we will conduct business in a manner that is built on a foundation of trust, respect and collaboration.