About The App

App Features

Purchase One-Way, Return, Meeter & Greeter and Long Layover Return tickets.

Airport employees can purchase One-Way tickets and Monthly Passes.

Store tickets on your device, or on our secure Cloud network.

Access information on schedules, next train real-time departures, station information and maps, a trip planner, UP Express route map, and contact information and forms.

6 Easy Steps to Use the App

01  Download the App

It’s FREE from the App Store, Google Play or the Microsoft Store.

02  Register an account

Use your email and password to create an UP account. Or, log in with Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or an existing Bytemark account.

03  Buy your ticket(s) before you board

Keep your credit card information on the App so tickets can be bought quickly and easily.

04  Store your ticket(s)

Tickets can be stored on your device or on our secure Cloud. You can use your ticket(s), even if you are offline, for up to seven days if you saved them on your device. Note, however, that tickets stored on a device cannot be accessed from other devices.

05  Activate your ticket(s) before the train leaves

Your ticket is valid for 30 minutes once you’ve activated. For return tickets, you must wait at least 30 minutes before starting your return trip.

06  Show an UP Guest Services Representative the active ticket screen

The Guest Services Representative will ask to see the active ticket screen. Have your ID ready for senior and family tickets or airport employees.

FAQs – Mobile App

  • Select the “Buy Tickets” button from the homepage or menu. From there, select your origin and destination, which will then show all the applicable ticket products. Tap the ticket to add it to the Shopping Cart. Remember: you can only purchase a maximum of 20 tickets per transaction.
  • Once you’ve selected your tickets, select the “Purchase Tickets” button. On the next page, the ticket summary and total amount is shown. Select from an existing payment method, or add a payment method to continue your transaction.
  • After selecting a payment method, a dialogue box will appear indicating the amount to be charged to each card. Confirm your acceptance of the UP Express Terms & Conditions to complete your purchase.
  • After purchase, your tickets will be stored to the Ticket Storage location selected in your Settings (saving to the Cloud is the default option). You will receive a confirmation email, and can also view tickets from your Account Profile on the UP Express website.
  • Always activate your ticket(s) before the train departs.
  • To activate your ticket(s), select the “Available Tickets” button from the homepage or “Use Tickets” from the menu.
  • If prompted, select the origin/destination, then scroll to the ticket you would like to activate and select the “+” button to add the ticket to Activation Queue.
  • Once you have added your desired tickets to the Activation Queue, select the “Activate Tickets” button and then “Yes” to confirm.
  • Once activated, your ticket(s) will expire after 30 minutes.
    • For return tickets (including Meeter & Greeter Return and Long Layover Return tickets), you must wait at least 30 minutes after activation before starting your return trip. After your first trip, your ticket will be moved to the Available Tickets section, where you can use it for your return trip at a later time.
  • Present your Active Ticket to the Guest Services Representative onboard the train upon request.
  • Please note that once a ticket has been fully used or has expired, it will disappear from your phone.
If you activate the wrong ticket (or activated a ticket at the wrong time), please contact Guest Services for assistance.
Yes. Select all applicable tickets to add to the Activation Queue, and confirm the activation. All tickets will then be shown on the Ticket screen.
If you delete the app, any unused ticket(s) will remain in your account and can be accessed when the app is re-installed. If a ticket was locked to the device and the device is no longer available, you will need to contact Guest Services for assistance. Note that the ticket status is available in your Account Profile on the UP Express website and you can also use the PDF version of any ticket which has been emailed to you.
Ticket status is shown on the “Use Tickets” screen under the name of the ticket. For example, a ticket with a remaining use will display “1 Activation Left”. You can also view ticket status from your Account Profile on the UP Express website.
Any unused ticket will remain in your account. Once the battery is restored on your phone, you will be able to access your ticket in the app. If any issues arise or some of your unused tickets are lost, please contact Guest Services as they can restore your tickets.
If you need technical support for the app, please contact our Guest Services team through the website or by calling us at 1.844.GET.ON.UP. Guest Services Representatives at the station will also be happy to assist you.
Download the app from the App Store for iOS, Google Play for Android or the Microsoft Store for Windows.
Your log in for the app is the same as for the UP Express website. If you experience any issues, please contact Guest Services.