Passenger safety and security on the train

At UP Express, safety is our first priority in providing a comfortable experience for our guests. To ensure your journey is a relaxed and enjoyable one, we have several safety measures in place.

Some of these measures include:
  • Transit Safety Officers
  • Passenger safety alarms
  • Yellow lines at platform level at Bloor and Weston Stations
  • Platform screen doors at Union and Pearson Stations that only open when the train is ready to board
  • On-board emergency exits (doors and windows)

In addition, Guest Service Representatives will be on board all trains should you need help.
To report crime or security matters call , 24 hours or Transit Safety dispatch (toll free).

Safety precautions at station platforms

When standing near tracks or on station platforms, fast-moving trains can pose a potential risk. It is important to stay aware and cautious. UP Express Trains can travel at speeds of up to 140 km/h, and they can be a lot closer and faster than they appear.

The following tips will help make your UP experience a safe one:
  • Stand back from the yellow line on the edge of the platform. Freight and GO Trains can pass at any time in either direction at high speeds.
  • Never step onto the tracks.
  • When travelling with children, always keep them in sight and close to you.
  • Be careful of any gaps between the platform and the train while you get on and off.
  • Make sure to always enter or exit a station platform from properly designated areas, and never use the ends of the platform as an access point. This is dangerous and illegal.
  • Crossing in front of or behind a stopped train is both dangerous and unlawful.
  • In multi-track areas, be vigilant to other train movements on other tracks in any direction.
  • For your safety, stay well away from moving trains and do not climb onto the side of or ride between the cars of a moving train.
  • There is a public pay phone on every rail platform that can be used to make a free call to Transit Safety Dispatch to report safety and security concerns or suspicious activity.

In case of emergency

Please locate and familiarize yourself with:
  • The emergency exits located throughout the railcar
  • The emergency information posted near the entry doors
  • The emergency equipment and instructions clearly marked throughout the railcars
  • The MIKEY defibrillators and first aid kits on the railcars