Planning to travel with us? We’re following the recommendations of public health officials to ensure that your trip is as safe as possible. Check out the safeguards we’re taking to help our passengers and employees travel safely during COVID-19.

Safety measures have been implemented to ensure our trains and stations are clean and provide a safe transit option.

Every day. Every train. Every trip. Everyone. Safety never stops.

Passenger safety and security on the train

At UP Express, safety is our first priority in providing a comfortable experience for our guests. To ensure your journey is a relaxed and enjoyable one, we have several safety measures in place.

Some of these measures include:
  • Transit Safety Officers
  • Passenger safety alarms
  • Yellow lines at platform level at Bloor and Weston Stations
  • Platform screen doors at Union and Pearson Stations that only open when the train is ready to board
  • On-board emergency exits (doors and windows)

In addition, Guest Service Representatives will be on board all trains should you need help.
To report crime or security matters call , 24 hours or Transit Safety dispatch (toll free).

Safety precautions at station platforms

When standing near tracks or on station platforms, fast-moving trains can pose a potential risk. It is important to stay aware and cautious. UP Express Trains can travel at speeds of up to 140 km/h, and they can be a lot closer and faster than they appear.

The following tips will help make your UP experience a safe one:
  • Stand back from the yellow line on the edge of the platform. Freight and GO Trains can pass at any time in either direction at high speeds.
  • Never step onto the tracks.
  • When travelling with children, always keep them in sight and close to you.
  • Be careful of any gaps between the platform and the train while you get on and off.
  • Make sure to always enter or exit a station platform from properly designated areas, and never use the ends of the platform as an access point. This is dangerous and illegal.
  • Crossing in front of or behind a stopped train is both dangerous and unlawful.
  • In multi-track areas, be vigilant to other train movements on other tracks in any direction.
  • For your safety, stay well away from moving trains and do not climb onto the side of or ride between the cars of a moving train.
  • There is a public pay phone on every rail platform that can be used to make a free call to Transit Safety Dispatch to report safety and security concerns or suspicious activity.

In case of emergency

Please locate and familiarize yourself with:
  • The emergency exits located throughout the railcar
  • The emergency information posted near the entry doors
  • The emergency equipment and instructions clearly marked throughout the railcars
  • The MIKEY defibrillators and first aid kits on the railcars