Dealing with an UP Express Fine

Important Information Regarding Compliance Services
In continued support of provincial action and to protect Ontarians from COVID-19, please use our online services available for customers who received a Notice of Violation.
The Compliance Services office can also be reached by email at or by calling 416-202-4000.
If you requested a Review of your Notice of Violation, your ticket will be placed on hold until a Review has been completed. Please be sure you check your e-mail (including your junk/spam folder) regularly.
If you’ve received communication from a collection agency or credit bureau regarding an outstanding debt to Metrolinx, please contact our external Collection Agency, ARO at 1-866-667-3304.
Did you get a Notice of Violation?
If you were issued a Notice of Violation under Metrolinx By-Law 2, you have 15 days to either pay the fine or dispute it.
Pay your fine
*Credit Cards only. Debit and Visa Debit Cards are not accepted. Please note, transactions may take up to two business days to process. To access the online payment portal, please use Chrome; the site is not compatible with Internet Explorer or with Apple devices.
By mail**:
Metrolinx Compliance Services
277 Front Street West, 4th Floor
Toronto, ON. M5V 2X4
**Please make payable to Metrolinx with the Notice of Violation number written on the front of the cheque or money order. Post-dated cheques will not be accepted and please do not send cash by mail. Allow sufficient time for your payment to arrive before the due date. Late payments will be returned, and a fee will be charged for dishonoured cheques. NOTE: this address is for mailing only, do not attend this address in person.
In Person Payment: To book an appointment, please e-mail or call 416-202-4000.
Dispute your fine
UP Express uses an honour-based proof of fare payment system. Before you board an Up Express train, you must buy a ticket or tap your PRESTO card.
Revenue Protection Officers and Special Constables regularly conduct fare inspections on the UP Express.
Our goal is to protect and retain fare revenue while promoting compliance with the proof of fare payment system. Anyone who is unable to provide a valid ticket may be issued a fine.
If you would like to attempt to resolve your Notice of Violation through Metrolinx’s dispute resolution program, you must submit a request for a Review of the Administrative Fee by a Screening Officer within 15 days of receiving a Notice of Violation. If your Notice of Violation number begins with a “V”, please use option #2 only.
Here are the two options available to you:
1. If you acknowledge that you did not have a valid ticket and wish to seek a reduction in the fee amount only, use our fast, online Automatic Fee Reduction (AFR) to see if you are eligible for an automatic reduction. You’ll get an immediate response to potentially reduce your fee. Click here to submit your request.
2. If you wish to dispute the Notice of Violation and/or your notice starts with “V”, please provide as much detail as possible in your submissions regarding the Notice or the amount of the fee and submit your request here.
If you receive a written decision from option 1 or 2 and disagree with it, your next step is to submit your written request for a hearing within 15 days from the date that decision was sent to you.
If after 125 days, the fee owing on your Notice of Violation remains unpaid, this debt is sent to a Collection Agency and additional fees may be added to the outstanding debt. If you’ve received communications from a collections agency or were alerted by your Credit Bureau regarding an outstanding debt to Metrolinx, please contact our Collection Agency, ARO, directly at 1-866-667-3304.