Sam James Coffee Bar, PATH location is conveniently located in the heart of the Financial District.

A Caffeine Lover's Guide to the Best Coffee Shops near Union Station

Published: March 15, 2024

Welcome to the heart of Toronto, where the bustling Union Station serves as the gateway to the city. Start your journey to Toronto on the right foot by arriving to UP Express Union Station directly from UP Express Pearson Airport in just 25-minutes. Amidst the hustle and bustle of Union Station, coffee enthusiasts can find many coffee shops directly in the station and nearby. We’ve got you covered with the best coffee shops in and around Union Station. Get ready to sip your way through these spots, each offering a unique blend of flavours and experiences that capture the essence of Toronto’s diverse coffee scene.

Union Station Coffee Shops

Balzac’s UP Express at Union Station

Image of the Balzac's Coffee Roasters café on the UP Express platform

Grab a coffee or quick bite as you begin or end your journey! Our first stop is conveniently located inside of UP Express Union Station. Balzac’s Coffee Roasters is a Toronto staple with 8 locations in Toronto and several more across Southern Ontario. Inspired by the Grande Cafés of Paris, Balzac’s brings Parisian culture to Canada. Balzac’s boasts a commitment to sustainability, with ethically sourced coffee beans that result in delicious coffees. From rich espresso drinks to velvety cappuccinos, Balzac’s promises a sip of perfection. Balzac’s UP Express is open from 6:30AM – 8:00PM Monday to Friday and 7:00AM – 8:00PM on weekends and holidays.

Pilot Coffee at Union Station

Pilot Coffee located in the Front Street Promenade of Union Station.

You don’t have to go far for the next location, Pilot Coffee Roasters is located in the Front Street Promenade of Union Station. With a passion for great coffee and commitment to quality remaining at the heart of everything they do, you’re sure to get a great cup of coffee here. Originally founded in 2009, Pilot was built around the core values of sourcing ethical, Direct Trade coffee and building transparency in the process from farm to cup. Now, Pilot is a full-service roastery, wholesaler and café operator with multiple locations across Toronto. The baristas at Pilot are true coffee artisans, whether you’re a pour-over enthusiast or a latte lover, the baristas will cater to your caffeine craving! The Union Station location features a full coffee and espresso bar, Pilot Cold Brew, retail coffee beans, brewing gear, accessories, and Pilot Coffee merchandise.

% Arabica at Union Station

% Arabica located in Union Station at Level B2 in the Bay Promenade.

See the world through coffee! % Arabica comes all the way from Kyoto, Japan. Conveniently located in Union Station at Level B2 in the Bay Promenade (near the TD and Sephora), the global sensation makes its mark in the Toronto coffee scene. % Arabica’s commitment to simplicity extends to their menu, focusing on the purity of each bean’s flavour. With a beautifully designed storefront, at % Arabica you’ll feel your coffee experience has been leveled up with a space that allows you to enjoy the moment with the world’s best coffee. Whether you opt for a Kyoto latte or a Matcha latte, each sip at % Arabica is a journey around the world in a cup.

Coffee Shops Near Union Station

Bevy @ the Combine

Bevy @ the Combine less than 1km away from Union Station in Toronto.

As we step outside of Union Station, less than 1km away is a unique café experience, Bevy @ the Combine. If you’re looking to get some work done, this café is the perfect for you. Bevy transforms a conventional office into a community-driven space that blends making, shopping, learning, and living. On the street-level a local pop-up is featured and up the stairs you can find the café. Completely free, this space has a variety of first-come, first-served tables and private booths perfect for taking a call. Bevy gets their beans from local coffee roasters Hatch and Rooms Coffee, offering everything from typical espresso-based drinks to an extensive tea selection and pastries.
Location: 225 Wellington St. W, Toronto, ON M5V 3G7

Dineen Coffee @ CIBC Square

Dineen Coffee located inside of CIBC Square

The infamous Dineen Coffee opened their doors at their Yonge St and Temperance St location back in 2013. Now with multiple locations across the city, Dineen Coffee is a staple for delicious coffee and treats. Across the street from Union Station, you can find Dineen Coffee located inside of CIBC Square. Known for their exceptional espresso-based drinks, the skilled baristas here will be sure to elevate your experience, making each cup a masterpiece. Take a seat inside or bask in the sunshine on their outdoor patio.
Location: 81 Bay St., Toronto, ON M5J 1E6

The Brick Room

The Brick Room located in the PATH in Brookfield Place.

For a unique coffee experience in the heart of downtown Toronto, make your way to The Brick Room. Located in the PATH in Brookfield Place, you don’t even have to go outside to access this café. This charming café featuring industrial-chic aesthetic, brings life to the PATH with their coffee and pastries. The Brick Room prides itself on its commitment to supporting local roasters, ensuring each cup of coffee should be an experience. They’re proud to bring downtown Toronto the world of specialty coffee, where each bean tells a story, and each brew is a masterpiece.
Location: 181 Bay St., Toronto, ON M5J 2T3

Sam James Coffee Bar

Sam James Coffee Bar, PATH location is conveniently located in the heart of the Financial District.

Looking for a reliable and consistent cup of joe? Look no further than Sam James Coffee Bar. With 4 locations across the city, their PATH location is conveniently located in the heart of the Financial District. Bringing coffee back to simplicity, Sam James believes coffee is a blue-collar drink for the early bird who works hard in the morning and the creative who stays up late. The coffee is roasted naturally sweet and chocolatey. With a simple menu and coffee roasted in small batches, there’s something for every kind of coffee drinker!
Location: 150 King St W, Toronto, ON M5H 3T9

In the heart of Toronto in and around Union Station, there’s plenty of options to satisfy your caffeine cravings. Miss the traffic to get to all the best coffee shops by taking the UP Express to UP Express Union Station with stops along the way at Weston Station and Bloor Station. From the historic and convenience of Balzac’s UP Express to Pilot Coffee Roasters and the international flair of % Arabica, you don’t have to leave Union Station to find unique café options. Venturing outside of Union Station you can also find the unique Bevy @ The Combine, The Brick Room, Dineen Coffee @ CIBC Square, and the minimalist perfection of Sam James Coffee Bar. Each spot offers a unique experience into Toronto’s diverse coffee culture!