Person holding tray full of butter croissants

Top 13 Best Croissants in Toronto

Published: September 15, 2023

Did you know that Toronto is one of the best places to find delectable croissants? Just by searching “best croissants in Toronto”, you’ll find pages of Google results indicating the best cafés, bakeries, delicatessens, and even restaurants that serve the delicious pastry.

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We’ll also provide directions for each croissant hotspot, starting with getting on UP Express to get you downtown from Pearson Airport. Get your PRESTO card and prepare to venture on a culinary journey where you decide how long you want to visit and, more importantly, how many croissants you want to try!

Croissants are so popular because they’re flaky, buttery, crunchy, and all that deliciousness in each bite. They can also be made in many different flavours, savoury or sweet; vegan, nut and soy-free.

This list of the best croissants in Toronto will provide an overview of some of the best foodie spots to satisfy your pastry craving. Whatever type of croissant you prefer, there’s something for everyone at a whole host of spots throughout Toronto.

Person holding tray full of butter croissants

The Best Croissants in Toronto


Display of croissants showcasing various flavours

An international bakery that specializes in Japanese French croissants, Hazukido’s first North American location is located at First Canadian Place. They also have a second location now open in the Atrium on Bay, and another location at Union Station is opening soon.

Hazukido has created over 100 masterpiece flavours of croissants, made with European butter, and imported flour from Japan, with dough intricately folded and rolled over and over for a 72-hour period – creating flakier, puffier and billowy croissants that you’ll definitely want to try!

How to get there: A short walk from UP Express Union Station:

First Canadian Place, 100 King St. W

Atrium on Bay, 595 Bay St.

Geste Croissanterie

With a host of classically trained bakers, Geste uses butter from Stirling Creamery and flour from Moulins de Soulanges in Quebec to craft their croissants. The result is a classic croissant packed with a buttery flavour that is crispy on the outside and moist on the inside. Every layer is firm and chewy, so whether you choose the regular, the Almond, the Pistachio & Chocolate, the Almond & Chocolate, Cheese or Ham & Cheese croissant, you will savour every bite.

Geste also has vegan croissants that are nut and soy-free, made with vegan margarine and made specifically for pastries.

How to get there: From UP Express Union Station, take the Yonge-University Line 1 subway to Osgoode Station. Get on the 501B Bus on Queen to Augusta Ave. and walk to 506 Queen St. West.

Brick Street Bakery

Tray of pastries and desserts

Brick Street is famous for making its products from scratch with locally sourced and high-quality ingredients and no added preservatives, made fresh every day.

Known for its almond croissants, Brick Street offers a host of pastries and English confections. They also bake artisanal bread and use it to make their handcrafted sandwiches. In addition to the almond croissant, Brick Street bakes delicious plain butter, and chocolate versions.

How to get there: From UP Express Union Station, take the local TTC 202 Cherry Beach bus to Parliament at Lake Shore and it’s a short walk to 27 Trinity St.

Bake Code Croissanterie

One look at any of the 25+ different croissants from Bake Code and you’ll be immediately intrigued! Bake Code’s croissants are handcrafted with precision, where the ratio of butter from Stirling Creamery along with fine layers of dough and the 30-hour lamination process are crucial to the quality of each croissant. What follows is a croissant that is incredibly flaky and buttery. Try one of their signature flavours, like the Vietnamese coffee, or the double-baked almond. If you’re looking for a sweet croissant, order a strawberry-stuffed croissant, the vanilla bean pastry, or the Canadian croissant with maple syrup, cream cheese, and decorated with bacon!

How to get there: From UP Union Station, take the Yonge-University Line 1 subway to Wellesley Station and walk to 626 Yonge St.

Kream Dessert

Five cube croissants in different flavours

This Korean spot not only bakes incredible desserts, but also craft an exceptionally tasty croissant. And what’s different? The croissants are flavoured and baked in a cube shape! Inside that cube, you’ll find flavours that will open your taste buds: raspberry, yuzu, chocolate, black sesame, tiramisu, and caramel, just to name a few. Pair any of them with a hot or cold coffee or tea to elevate your experience.

How to get there: Take the Yonge-University Line 1 subway to Wellesley Station and walk to 526 Yonge St.


Emmer is a bakery and restaurant that focuses on the seasonality in their products, and uses local Ontario produce to do so. Emmer offers Almond and Pistachio Croissants that have a very flaky outer layer, yet the croissant is crunchy and airy. Both styles are baked twice and use sliced almonds and pistachios with a healthy dose of frangipane that deliciously fills the middle of each pastry.

How to get there: From UP Union Station, get on the 510 Spadina streetcar to Spadina Station and walk south toward Harbord St. Turn right onto Harbord St., Emmer is just a few steps away.

Petite Bouchée Patisserie

Specializing in French pastries, Petite Bouchée Patisserie's butter croissants are the epitome of savoury. They are soft, melt-in-your-mouth buttery pastries that pair perfectly with coffee, an Americano, or a café latté.

How to get there: A quick 10-minute walk from UP Bloor Station to 28 Sousa Mendes St.

Mabel’s Bakery & Specialty Foods

With four locations across Toronto, Mabel’s is known for their neighbourhood-specific flavours. Part of the Fresh City family, Canada’s largest commercial urban city farm, Mabel’s shops are free of preservatives and artificial flavourings. Mabel’s also has options for vegan or gluten-free diets.

How to get there: Take the 504 King streetcar from Dundas St. W at Bloor St. W to Roncesvalles Ave. at Grenadier Rd. Then walk to 323 Roncesvalles Ave.

Noctua Bakery

The croissants at one of the city’s micro-bakeries are crisp and delicious, using classical techniques to produce a delicious pastry. Noctua's best seller is the croissant dough rolled with organic cane and demerara sugar, Ceylon cinnamon, black cardamom, and orange zest.

How to get there: Take UP Express to Bloor Station and walk to Dundas West Station. Take the 40A streetcar to Dundas St. West and Pacific and walk to 3014 Dundas St. West.

Cherry Bomb Café

Baker holding tray of almond croissants

Cherry Bomb Café has become an institution in Roncesvalles Village neighbourhood. With a roastery in Prince Edward County, coffee beans are roasted twice a week, and all of their pastries are baked from scratch. In addition to croissants, Cherry Bomb bakes muffins and scones with the pecan scone being the customer favourite.

But for the croissants, deemed legendary by locals, it’s the chewy and moist characteristics that set Cherry Bomb apart. You may not be able to count on the flavour of the day, so you’ll get to try something new most days that you decide to visit. Past flavours include gruyere, jalapeño cheddar, blueberry, almond, chocolate, or even leek!

How to get there: From UP Bloor Station, 79 Roncesvalles Ave is a short 6-stop ride on the 504A streetcar to Marion St. South.

Au Pain Doré

Three flaky butter croissants from Au Pain Doré bakery in Toronto.

The Au Pain Doré croissant combines their know-how in French pastry-making with premium ingredients to ensure a delicate taste and outstanding flakiness. Each croissant is made exclusively with 100% pure butter to create beautiful layers.

How to get there: There are two locations easy to get to from UP Express Union Station: 81 Front St. East and 200 Wellington St. West (an easy 5-min walk from UP Express Union Station).

Must-try delicious croissants outside the city

Evana Patisserie & Café

Plate of croissants from Evana bakery in Scarborough.

While Evana is a little farther out in Scarborough, tasting their soft-serve croissants will be worth it! Originally an online catering business, Evana is now a French-Asian dessert destination. Experience French pastries with an Asian twist by ordering one of the many options like the Pistachio, which is filled with cream, but still maintains expert flakiness. Also, be wary of each croissant’s generous size so you’re not overwhelmed when you order the Strawberry Custard, or the Rocher, which is dipped in chocolate and decorated with toasted hazelnut pieces!

How to get there: Take the UP Express to Union Station, then get on the University Subway line and take it to Finch Station. From there, the 42A Cummer Bus to McNicoll Ave. where you’ll be steps from 390 Silver Star Blvd.

St. Honore Amadeus Patisserie

Head out to Vaughan for sweet and savoury croissants from this family-run business that uses Europe for inspiration to make all of their pastries, tarts, cookies, and cakes. Select from butter, chocolate, almond, vanilla apricot, cheese or lemon raspberry and pair one with their specialty coffee beverages. If you’re hungrier, try one of their three croissant sandwiches, available: Provence, Tuscany, or Parisian.

How to get there: Take UP Express to Union Station, then hop on the GO Train to Newmarket. Once you’re in Newmarket, get on the 55 Bus and ride to Davis Dr., where you’ll then walk five minutes to 17600 Yonge St.

As you can see, there are a lot of decisions to make on your culinary journey to the best croissants in Toronto. And aside from croissant-hopping, there are tons of activities to do and experience in and around the city – and UP Express can get you there! With trains running every 15 minutes, you won't missing a thing with UP Express. Have you explored Bloor neighbourhood yet? Here’s our guide! If you’re also into summer barbecue, we’ve got a list of the best BBQ restaurants in Toronto. Craving noodles? Find Toronto’s top Ramen Restaurants. You can wash it all down by visiting Toronto’s local craft breweries. It all starts by using UP Express!