Four women at a park sitting on grass with their dogs

Bring your Furry Friend to a Toronto Dog Park with UP Express

Published: May 3, 2024

Are you looking for the best spaces to take your furry friend in Toronto? Or are you looking for a place to pet some of our four-legged friends? The good news is that Toronto is home to some of the best dog parks in the province. Whether completely off-leash or in a space designed with playful amenities, dogs have never felt more welcomed in Toronto.

With predictable schedules, comfortable rides, and dogs allowed at certain times, UP Express is the perfect way to get to some of the best dog parks in the city. Our blog will take you on a tour of the top dog-friendly destinations around UP Express stations, from the scenic trails of High Park to the off-leash areas at Toronto’s newest downtown park, Love Park. Join us as we explore the perfect spots for you and your furry companion to stretch your legs and enjoy the outdoors.

Dog Policy on UP Express


Ask anyone at UP Express - we love your dogs and pets. However, to keep with transport regulations, we have a few rules to guarantee a comfortable journey for all passengers.

Dogs on a leash are welcome on UP Express all day on weekends and holidays. To accommodate higher ridership, dogs can join you on weekdays between 9:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. and from 6:30 p.m. until the end of service. Owners can bring a maximum of two leashed dogs onboard.

Outside of these hours, well-behaved dogs and other pets are welcome on board, but they must be in a pet carrier that can fit on your lap under your seat.

This policy does not impact service support animals. Service animals are always welcome on board with their owners every day. We encourage customers to travel with documentation supporting their needs in the event it is requested.

Dog Parks Downtown (Union)

The Best: Love Park

Love Park in Toronto, ON

Toronto's newest urban park stands at the corner of York and Harbour streets, mere steps away from Toronto’s award-winning waterfront. While you might immediately recognize the tree in the middle of the pond, the crystal-clear pond gives the park its unique name. Architects have turned this former parking lot into a block-sized park shaped like a big red heart. During the weekdays, office workers and tourists sit alongside the pond enjoying their lunch.

While walking around the park would entertain humans and dogs alike, Love Park benefits from a special fenced-in area for off-leash pups. The space is small but perfectly adequate for most dogs who live in the surrounding condos. While on leash, bigger dogs can benefit from Love Park’s proximity to the Waterfront Trail, a long walk that can take you all the way to Niagara Falls!

Love Park is steps away from UP Express at Union Station. An added benefit of this park is walking through the PATH, shielding you and your dog from impending weather. Simply follow the signs for the PATH system or walk outside down York Street until you get to the water.

Honourable Mention: Berczy Statue Park

Dog statute at Bercyz Park in Toronto

Tourists walking around old town might come to Wellington and Church for the Gooderham Building or St. Lawrence Market, but they are missing out on one of the most unique sites in Toronto. Tucked behind the flatiron building is an entire fountain and park that honour our four-legged best friends.

Designed by Claude Cormier, the central fountain features 27 different dog breeds, all looking towards the top of the fountain. While there is no specific dog park (keep your leash on), Berczy Statue Park’s central location to Union Station and St. Lawrence Market makes it an easy and whimsical dog walk.

TIP: Not all dogs go to the fountain - can you spot the cat?

Dog Parks Near Bloor

The Best: Baird Park

Corgi dog in a hot dog costume at Baird Park near UP Bloor Station.

Attached to the Keele Lawn bowling Facility, this dog park is a short 15-minute walk away from Bloor Station. Featuring a sizeable fenced-off leash area and ample walking space, this park is ideal for those in the neighbourhood or those looking to explore a new one. Dogs can interact with local dogs, often with very few new faces. This park is ideal for dogs who need more of an introduction in a slow and friendly environment.

Walk up Keele Street and explore one of Toronto’s coolest neighbourhoods, the Junction, to grab a coffee on cold days, or bring your dog to one of the many dog-friendly patios surrounding Bloor Station.

Toronto has a reputation for being fast-paced and hectic, so come to Baird Park to slow down and enjoy a local dog park with UP Express.

The Largest: High Park

High Park greenspace with bushes and cherry blossom trees to the right

High Park is Toronto’s premier park experience. Tucked into the residential area between High Park and Lake Ontario, those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the city will enjoy its serene setting. However, you will not be the only human in the park on weekends, and indeed not the only dog. If you are looking for a quiet and stress-free environment for your dog, this dog park is often filled with people from Toronto and around the GTA.

This is due to the park's unique layout, featuring 8.5 acres of open area designated as off-leash. This area is split between a large dog park on the top of the hill and other off-leash areas; the High Park off-leash area has natural and paved trails under the canopy of mature trees to walk your dog off-leash.

Dogs must always be on-leash and under control when not in designated off-leash areas. This is because much of High Park is a natural protection area, and other wildlife is not uncommon. The socialness of High Park with other humans, dogs, and wildlife makes High Park a unique outing with your four-legged friend.

Dog Parks Near Weston

The Best: Chapman Valley Park

Dog in muddy pond at Chapman Valley Park.

Dogs looking to get wet and cool off on a hot summer day will enjoy Chapman Valley Park. Sitting 30 minutes from Weston, there are many closer parks to the UP Express, but few are as unique and off-the-beaten-path as Chapman Valley Park.

Walking from Weston Station, you won’t find businesses or upscale coffee like other dog parks on this list. This dog park is a diamond in the rough. When you reach the park entrance, a long winding path will lead you to Humber Creek. Depending on the season, this water is a great place to play without the worry of other dogs.

However, be warned this park is frequented by other wildlife. Ensure you always have control of your dog and encourage your dog not to harass wildlife in or around the creek. Because of its unique position, cool creek, and connections to other trails around the Humber River, if you can make it, Chapman Valley Park is worth a trip with UP Express.

The Largest: Raymore Park Dog Park

Dog playing fetch with owner at park.

This dog park has something for everyone. Located on the Humber River trail down the street from Weston Station, this park is close to plenty of family-friendly services and amenities but far enough away to enjoy a quiet break. And with frequent service from Union Station and Bloor Station, getting here using UP Express could not be easier.

This dog park's unique features include an enclosed fence space to allow your dog to run off-leash and interact with other dogs. The double-gated entry ensures your dog can't run away, no matter how bad they behave. Have a small dog? Raymore Park Dog Park features a unique enclosed “small dog space” to allow small dogs to play safely and comfortably.

The surrounding area is a huge benefit of visiting here. With its lavish surroundings filled with greenery and a river leading to a small waterfall, Raymore Park Dog Park is for dogs, their owners, and nature enthusiasts alike. However, given the lack of shade, consider coming early or at sunset during the summer to avoid overheating.

Doggy Doggy Go Go!


You know that look your dog gives you when you leave the house? With UP Express, you never have to leave the dog at home again! Why not take your four-legged friend on an upcoming trip? UP Express has included top Bucket List Destinations to help guide your inspiration.

Those bringing their dog to the airport should stop by the Pearson pet relief areas. These small grass-like areas are great for quick bathroom breaks or stretching their legs before a long flight. They even feature disposable bags for your trip!

With UP Express, you can leave the stress at home knowing large dogs and other pets are allowed at certain times and all-day during weekends. For those travelling, check with your airline and destination country for specific rules around travelling with your pet. For those visiting or staying in the city, check out these fantastic parks and give your pet the best summer ever!