Outside of Scotiabank Arena in Toronto, Ontario

How to Get to Scotiabank Arena by UP Express Train

Published: March 18, 2024

With the storied history of the Toronto Maple Leafs and the recent success of Toronto’s NBA team, the Toronto Raptors, there has never been a better time to be a sports fan in Toronto. Not into sports? Major acts from all over the world set up in Toronto for shows, concerts, and comedy specials on their world tours, appealing to various interests.

Luckily, the crown jewel of sports and events in downtown Toronto, Scotiabank Arena, is conveniently attached to Toronto Union Station. Toronto Union Station houses GO Train, VIA, TTC, and UP Express services to and from Pearson Airport. Scotiabank Arena is easily accessible from UP Union Station, only an 8-minute ride from UP Bloor Station, a 14-minute ride from UP Weston Station and a 25-minute ride from Pearson Airport. Are you catching a game with your family? Hop on UP Express; kids 12 and under ride free! Fares are also affordable and convenient, enjoy discounts with PRESTO.

In this article, we’ll show you how to get to Scotiabank Arena using UP Express. So, leave the car at home and benefit from predictable schedules, comfortable rides, and unparalleled game day experience that is sure to end in victory.

What is the closest train station to Scotiabank Arena?

Exterior of Union Pearson Express train at Union Station in Downtown Toronto

The UP Express station at Toronto Union Station is conveniently located in the heart of downtown Toronto, making it an ideal transportation option for commuters, visitors and sports fans alike.

The UP Express is an excellent option for getting to the big event at Scotiabank Arena from Bloor Station, Weston Station, and even Pearson Airport. With reliable, comfortable, and efficient transportation, the UP Express is a great choice for anyone exploring Toronto and beyond. So, whether you're heading to a Raptors game or a concert, the UP Express is the perfect way to get to Scotiabank Arena hassle-free.

How to get from Union Station to Scotiabank Arena

Outside of Scotiabank Arena in Toronto, Ontario

The walk from the UP Express station at Toronto Union Station to the Scotiabank Arena takes only a few minutes, approximately 5-7 minutes outside.

However, suppose the weather could be better, or you wish to explore the many shops and restaurants at Toronto Union Station. You can walk inside through the heated/air-conditioned PATH system to Scotiabank Arena in about 10 minutes.

Both options are short and straightforward. The exact time may vary depending on your walking speed and the crowds, so plan ahead!


  1. After arriving at Union Station via the UP Express, exit the station using the doors immediately across from the station labelled “Station Steet” and “York Street.”
Exit via doors labeled 'Station Street' and 'York Street' by UP Express SkyWalk.

2. Once on Station Street, turn left and walk towards York Street. You’ll see the Goodlife on your right.

Goodlife entrance by Station Street outside of UP Union Station.

3. Turn right (south) on York Street for one block to Scotiabank Arena.

York Street underground tunnel

4. Cross the street at the pedestrian crossing, and you’ll see the arena in front of you on Raptors Way. You will see Gate 6 just past the Real Sports Bar & Grill on your right.

Gate 6 entrance outside of the Scotiabank Arena


If you want to walk inside from UP Express Union Station to Scotiabank Arena, follow these simple steps:

  1. After arriving at Union Station via the UP Express, turn right and walk down the ramp, following signs for “Union Station.”
SkyWalkdown the ramp of UP Union Station

2. Once inside the grand hall, continue to the end and turn right. Follow signs for “Bay Concourse”; the entrance takes you downstairs through an escalator.

Sign labelled "Bay Concourse" in Great Hall

3. Once inside, follow the signs for the Union Station Bus Terminal. This is part of the PATH system, a network of underground walkways that connects various buildings and landmarks in downtown Toronto.

Sign labelled "Union Station Bus Terminal" in the Bay Concourse

4. Walking through the PATH system, you will pass by several shops, restaurants, and other attractions. Feel free to detour and explore the Bay or York Concourse if you have time.

Doors to Scotiabank Arena from Bay Concourse

5. Eventually, you will reach the Scotiabank Arena. Follow the signs to the main entrance, which should be easy to spot.

Indoor entrance to Scotiabank Arena

That's it! Walking from UP Express Toronto Union Station to Scotiabank Arena inside the PATH system is a convenient and comfortable option, especially during inclement weather. Just be sure to give yourself enough time to navigate the maze-like system if you're not familiar with it.

Postgame or Pregame: UP Express has you covered

If you're looking for a place to stay before or after the game, there are plenty of great hotels within walking distance of the arena and Toronto Union Station. Check out our Discover Toronto blog, Best Places to Stay in Toronto – Accommodation Options for Every Budget, for more information about hotels near the stadium.

Are you looking for the perfect spot to grab a drink or a bite before or after a game at Scotiabank Arena? Look no further than the UP Express!

The UP Express is the perfect way to get to the game stress-free. With direct service between Toronto Union Station and Pearson Airport, you can easily plan a night out without the hassle of driving or finding parking.

UP Express train headed to Union Station surrounded by tourist arrtractions

When it comes to pre or post-game spots near the arena, there are plenty of options. UP Express has listed all the best bars and restaurants near Toronto Union Station in our blog post, The Best Sights, Restaurants & Attractions Near Toronto's Union Station. Can’t make it to the big game? Catch the game at one of Toronto’s top-rated sports bars, all within walking distance of UP Express stations.

No matter what you're in the mood for, the UP Express has you covered. With easy access to hotels and some of the best pre and post-game spots in Toronto, the UP Express is the perfect way to plan your night out at Scotiabank Arena.