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Union Station: UP Express is conveniently located in the Skywalk at Union Station. You can reach the Skywalk by leaving the Great Hall and walking towards the CN Tower.
Toronto Pearson International Airport: UP Express is located in Terminal 1 at Toronto Pearson International Airport next to the Terminal Link Train. The Link provides transfers free of charge between Terminal 1 and Terminal 3.
Bloor and Weston Stations: UP Express platforms are located within Bloor and Weston GO Stations.
UP Express parking is available at Weston Station only and is free of charge. Please note that parking is not permitted between 2am – 5am daily. (No overnight parking is permitted.) Please be aware that due to high demand from GO Transit commuters, this lot is often full.
For all UP Express stations, please consider alternative access modes including transit, passenger pickup and drop-off, walking and cycling.
While UP Express is dedicated to ensuring our guests arrive at Toronto Pearson International Airport in 25 minutes, unforeseen circumstances could cause a delay. To allow plenty of time for check-in procedures, baggage drop-off and security checks, always arrive at Toronto Pearson well in advance of your flight. Please read the Toronto Pearson Departure Guidelines for more information.
Please note that UP Express is not responsible for any costs associated with missed flights at Toronto Pearson International Airport.
For more information please see UP Express Terms & Conditions
Purchase of UP Express tickets does not include an assigned seat. Seating is available on a first come first serve basis. Check the updated schedules: Union, Bloor, Weston, and Pearson before you board.
At Metrolinx your safety is our first priority. During the busy peak travel periods on UP Express, our Guest Services Representatives are now asking guests to line up on the platform to purchase tickets or have their tickets validated before stepping on the train.
  • Guests who have purchased a ticket or have tapped their PRESTO cards may join the lines, and have their payment quickly confirmed, before boarding the train.
  • Tickets can be purchased quickly and easily at the ticket vending machines, via the UP Express free mobile app and online.
  • If you are travelling between 06:30-09:00 or 14:30-19:00, please allow yourself just a few extra minutes to board the train.
In the event of a service delay greater than 45 minutes, guests may be eligible for compensation up to and / or equal to the fare paid. Please contact UP Express within 30 days of your trip.
Please note that GO Transit Service Guarantee does not apply to UP Express.
For more information please see UP Express Terms & Conditions.
As of December 6, we officially changed our policy to allow leashed dogs on our trains during certain hours. Since the summer, we’ve been testing out a different approach for dogs travelling on our trains. We received positive feedback from customers, their furry friends and our staff about the pilot so we’re making changes to our policy.
A maximum of two leashed dogs can travel with you when you board on weekdays between 9:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. and from 6:30 p.m. until the end of service, and all day on weekends and holidays. Outside of these hours, dogs are welcome on board but must be in a pet carrier that can fit on your lap or under your seat.
To make your journey with us as smooth as possible, please follow these rules for travelling with your leashed dog:
  • Be sure to pick up after your dog, but do not dispose of their waste on trains.
  • Be considerate to others and keep your dog out of the way and off the seats.
  • Always ensure your dog is secured properly with a leash capable of maintaining control of your dog.
  • Keep your dog with you at all times for its safety and the safety of others.
  • Ensure your dog does not disrupt the enjoyment of other passengers.
  • All other pets must be in a carrier at all times while on board.
We haven't made any changes to our service animal policy. Service animals are welcome on board with their owners all day, every day, and must wear a vest and have identification from an accredited training organization.
No. Smoking of any kind is not permitted on UP Express.
UP Express welcomes guests to bring luggage on board meeting the following criteria similar to airline baggage standards:
  • Does not exceed 158cm in overall dimensions (length + height + depth)
  • May not exceed 23-32kg (50-70lbs)
  • Larger baggage items (sporting equipment, packaged bicycles, etc…) are to be placed in oversized baggage storage areas where space permits
UP Express cannot guarantee baggage guidelines are aligned with your airline. Please visit your airline for specific details regarding baggage restrictions.
Bicycles are permitted on UP Express during non-rush hour times. Guests may not bring bicycles on board between 6-10am and 3-7pm, Monday to Friday. Our Guest Services Representatives will be happy to show you where these need to be placed on board.
The UP Express website and mobile app is the best source for quick and easy delivery of UP Express tickets.
If you are unable to purchase online, tickets can also be purchased at the following locations:
  • UP Express Ticket Vending Machines (TVMs)
  • UP Express Service counters
  • All GO Transit station service counters and TVMs for non-airport travel
  • PRESTO card (electronic fare card)
If you require additional assistance in selecting the appropriate fare for your trip, please contact us at 1-844-GET-ON-UP.
Yes, UP Express conduct fare inspection on every trip. Anyone unable to provide a valid proof of payment upon inspection will be issued a fine.
If you were issued a Notice of Violation, you have 15 days to either pay the fine or dispute it. Click here to learn more about your options for dealing with a Notice of Violation.
UP Express now uses an honour-based proof of fare payment system. Before you board an UP Express train, you must buy a ticket or tap your PRESTO card. Fare inspections are conducted across the UP Express system and there is zero-tolerance for fare evasion. Anyone who is unable to provide a valid ticket upon inspection will be issued a fine.
In the event of a service delay greater than 45 minutes, guests may be eligible for compensation up to and/or equal to the fare paid. Guests must contact UP Express within 30 days of their trip. Guests who travelled on UP Express with GO Transit Fares are not eligible for GO Service Guarantee claims. Please contact Guest Services for more information.
UP Express is currently working with the Canadian Revenue Agency to determine tax credit eligibility. Guests that use GO Transit fares or tap on GO Transit fare payment devices for PRESTO are eligible for tax credits – please visit for more details.
Most tickets purchased online expire one (1) year from the date issued unless otherwise indicated.
The following fare types are subject to different expiry dates:
  • Paper tickets purchased from an UP Express TVM, UP Express service counter, or on-board the train expire 1 hour after purchase
  • UP Express tickets purchased along with a GO Transit ticket expire 1 hour after arrival at an UP Express Station (Must retain GO Transit ticket as proof of origin departure time)
  • Guests using PRESTO have 1 hour to complete their trip after it has been tapped ON an UP Fare Payment Device
  • For Guests that purchase a GO Transit ticket from a GO Transit service counter or GO TVM for non-airport travel, tickets expire 4 hours after purchase
  • For Guests using PRESTO and tap on a GO Fare Payment Device, guests have 45 minutes to complete their trip
  • All UP Express vouchers are printed with a valid expiry date and will not be accepted after the expiry date has passed
To make extended travel easier, VIA Rail passengers wishing to connect to UP Express can purchase combined UP Express and VIA Rail tickets through VIA Rail. Please contact 1-888-VIA-RAIL or visit to purchase.
Guests with questions or concerns regarding UP Express tickets purchased through VIA Rail must contact 1-888-VIA-RAIL or visit for more information.
For refund requests please contact Guest Services at 1-844-GET-ON-UP. Please see the Terms and Conditions for refund eligibility.
For refunds on GO Transit fares, please contact Guest Services.
Groups of 50 or more people, or organizations with regular travel needs can apply for group or corporate rates.
Guests can access GO Transit and TTC subways, buses and streetcars from Union, Bloor and Weston stations. Please note that an UP Express ticket is not valid on TTC or GO services, nor are TTC and GO Transit tickets and transfers valid on UP Express. Valid fare must be paid when connecting to or from TTC or GO Transit.
If you are using PRESTO, you must tap ON at an UP Express Fare Payment Device at the beginning of each trip and tap OFF at an UP Express Fare Payment Device before using your card with another service provider (including GO Transit).
Support persons are welcome to travel on UP Express at no charge, and will be issued a Courtesy Ticket at the Service counter at the station or at the time of inspection on-board the train. Support persons must remain with the full fare ticket holder during travel.
Support animals are welcome to travel with UP Express as long as they are on a leash.
If you plan on travelling with UP Express and require assistance at an UP Express station, please call Guest Services at 1-844-GET-ON-UP in advance of your trip so suitable arrangements can be made.
If you require assistance at Toronto Pearson International Airport please visit their website to find out how you can make arrangements.
If you have lost an item, please visit the Lost & Found page or contact us at 1-844-GET-ON-UP and we will assist you.
Please note that UP Express does not assume responsibility for lost or stolen property.
Veterans, and retired and current members of the Canadian Armed Forces, as well as a companion, can ride UP for free on Remembrance Day and for Warriors’ Day Parade.
We honour our military heroes and thank them for their service to our country by continuing this long-standing tradition.
GO Transit has resources available for developers to build their own mobile applications by promoting the use of transit-related information.
Currently, resources include a schedule published in the Google Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) format. To start using our GTFS data, please read and agree to our Access and Use Agreement.
Make sure to watch this page often - updates to the GTFS file are typically made every few weeks.
There are two tools available to help you plan your trip. On our website you will find the Google Trip Planner, where you can easily plan your trip using Google Maps. Google Trip planner is great for quick one time trips, or if you’re not quite sure where your final destination is.
The Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA) official trip planner, Triplinx, is also available to help plan your trip. Triplinx provides you with all of the information you need to plan your transit trip and explore the wide network of transit services available across the region. You can use Triplinx to find schedule, fare, service and other information to help make travelling around the region easier. Triplinx is fully accessible and provides accessible trip itineraries and information on paratransit services offered across the GTHA. Triplinx is available on its own website and can be accessed using mobile devices.