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More Affordable Fares for Youth and Post-Secondary Students with PRESTO

Published: March 1, 2022

If you’re a teen or a full-time student attending a post-secondary school in Ontario and you're heading to Pearson Airport for a long-awaited trip, travelling to school and/or work, or discovering the city’s great neighbourhoods, then you’ll love the 40% discounted fare on UP Express with PRESTO beginning March 14.

The ride on UP Express is only 25 minutes between Pearson Airport and Union Station, with two brief stops at Weston and Bloor. Connections and transfers to and from GO Transit and TTC are quick and easy, so there are lots of ways for you to get to where you want to go. And with the new youth and post-secondary student discount, that’s a 40% savings off the standard adult ticket price.

Remember: These days, it's best to check up on your destinations before you head out. Businesses, services and attractions may be open or closed due to changing restrictions.

Getting the best experience on UP with your discounted fare

UP PRESTO device with a a female hand holding PRESTO card to be tapped

All Youths and Post-Secondary students will save 40% off the standard adult fare when using PRESTO starting March 14. Don’t miss out on the savings, purchase a PRESTO card today!

Already have a PRESTO card? Here are some tips to ensure you qualify for the discounted fare:

Youths (13-19 years old)

  1. Make sure your PRESTO card is set to “Youth” fare.” If not, you can easily set it up in person at an UP station, or at one of these locations.
  2. Make sure you carry a valid Canadian school-issued ID or government-issued ID with you when travelling on UP to prove your age.

Post-Secondary (any age)

  1. If you are enrolled full-time at one of these post-secondary schools, you would need to apply for a valid student ID through the GO Transit Student ID Portal.
  2. Make sure your PRESTO card is set to “Post-Secondary student” fare, and travel with your GO Transit Student ID on UP Express to prove your post-secondary education enrollment.

In all cases, all passengers including Youths and Post-Secondary students are required to present a valid proof of payment and identification upon inspection to verify discount eligibility and avoid fines.

You’re all set! Now, load up your PRESTO card with funds at or the PRESTO App on your phone and start exploring downtown Toronto, fun attractions, and new neighbourhoods – all for 40% off the standard adult fare on UP Express!

Fun things to do in Toronto

Toronto skyline with Rogers Centre and CN Tower

One of the best things to do if you’re in staycation mode is to be a tourist in Toronto! With the youth and post- secondary student discount, it’s a quick and affordable train ride to explore downtown Toronto, discover vibrant neighbourhoods and take in as many amazing sights, attractions, restaurants, parks, shops and trails as you can across the city (and beyond)! Whether it’s March Break, a P.A. Day or a weekend outing, take advantage of the 40% discounted fare on UP Express with PRESTO.

Union Station

Union Station Great Hall

Start your staycation by taking a tour of Union Station itself – for all you art majors out there, this beautiful, historic building has truly photo-worthy architecture and design. Crane your neck up as you walk through the Great Hall, have lunch at one of the food courts and trendy restaurants or browse the concourse for cool Toronto-centric shops.

Hockey Hall of Fame

Outside of Hockey Hall of Fame during the day with tree on the right

Explore the Junction

Hop on UP Express and get to know one of Toronto’s oldest and hippest neighbourhoods – the Junction. Located just steps away from UP’s Bloor Station and linked with GO Transit, this area has gone from industrial factories and workhouses in the early 1900s to housing cool art installations, a famous urban trail and amazing shops, restaurants and craft breweries.

West Toronto Railpath

Take a hike and get out on the West Toronto Railpath (WTR), just steps from UP’s Bloor Station. Maintained by the City of Toronto’s Parks and Rec. department, it’s a major part of the city’s history – the WTR was built and designed from an abandoned rail line! It’s considered a safe space (no motorized vehicles allowed), so you and your friends can cycle, blade, skate or just walk the trail and check out all the amazing street art installations by local artists and groups.Reminder, UP Express bicycle policy on board has recently changed, and only bicycles that have been folded or stored in an aircraft-ready bicycle box are permitted on board. Customers with standard bicycles can lock-up their bikes at the designated bicycle parking areas at UP Express stations.

Shop ‘til you drop in Toronto

Toronto Eaton Centre

Eaton Centre second floor, shopping mall line with shops on the left and right

You can do more shopping in Toronto when you take advantage of your 40% discounted fare on UP using PRESTO. Whether you’re looking for new kicks in the Eaton Centre or want to browse through eclectic Kensington Market, Toronto is choc-o-block full of great shopping. Each neighbourhood has its own style, so why not spend a P.A. Day checking out the wide variety of offerings across the city.

St. Lawrence Market

St. Lawrence Market - Exterior

A trip to downtown Toronto wouldn’t be complete without a spin around historic St. Lawrence Market, just a few minutes’ walk from Union Station. From the food stalls to handmade creative gift ideas, it’s always a pleasure to cruise around this iconic bazaar. Grab a bite at one of the gourmet kiosks, pick up some fresh produce or specialty meats or find that perfect Toronto souvenir.

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