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November Packing Checklist | Top Things to Bring on Your Toronto Trip

Published: November 4, 2022

Are you planning a trip to Toronto in November and feeling a little stressed about what to pack for the weather? Maybe you’re wondering if November is even a good month to visit Toronto. Well, like anything else – it’s all about being prepared.

We love Toronto and we think any month is the perfect time to experience all that the city has to offer. We’re ready to welcome you with a warm and safe ride from Pearson Airport into Downtown Toronto – where there are plenty of great hotels to spend your November getaway. Our frequent service means you’re never waiting long for a train and our affordable fares make sure that you have lots left in your wallet for shopping and sightseeing.
We’re prepared to help you have a fantastic visit, but to make sure that YOU are ready, we’ve got the ultimate packing checklist so you can figure out what to pack for a trip to Toronto in November!

Things To Do in Toronto in November

First things first – is November a good time to visit Toronto? Absolutely! Toronto’s many parks and green spaces are even more spectacular when the autumn leaves are out. Some of the great hiking trails you can check out to admire the fall foliage are found at High Park, and the Humber River Trail, which is easily accessible from UP Express Weston Station.
Depending on when in November you’re visiting Toronto, you might also be able to see the Royal Winter Fair, running November 4 to November 13 at Exhibition Place – it’s just a quick local streetcar or GO train ride from UP Express Union Station! The Toronto Santa Claus Parade takes place on November 20, and the Cavalcade of Lights at Nathan Phillips Square officially kicks off the holiday season in Toronto on November 26.
Other good things to do in Toronto in November include getting an early start on your holiday shopping at the Eaton Centre or in trendy Queen West. For unique holiday gifts, visit the One Of A Kind Winter Show, happening November 24 to December 4 at the Enercare Centre at Exhibition Grounds. It’s easy to get there from UP Express Union Station via local streetcar or GO Transit. The $30 GO Transit/One of a Kind combo ticket includes round-trip fare on GO Train and/or GO Bus to/from Exhibition Station and one single-day access to One Of A Kind Winter Show. And on November 30, you can get 50% off your regular single-day adult general admission when you show your PRESTO card at the box office.
You’ll also find that popular year-round Toronto attractions like the Royal Ontario Museum, the Art Gallery of Ontario, and the Distillery District will be less busy in November so it’s actually the perfect time to check them out. You can even save money on some attractions with PRESTO Perks! Enjoy the 20% admission discounts at some of the top attractions and events in the city including the Hockey Hall of Fame, Gardiner Museum, Toronto Symphony Orchestra, MOCA Toronto, Toronto Zoo, and much more!
And, if you need to take a break and warm up during your visit, you’ll find plenty of fantastic restaurants and cafés in Toronto where you can grab some soup or enjoy a hot beverage before you head back out into the brisk air – including Balzac’s Coffee Roasters at UP Express Union Station.

November Temperatures in Toronto

Toronto in November

What’s the weather like in Toronto in November? Well, it can vary, and while that can create a challenge when you’re deciding what to wear on your trip, it’s still easy to have a great trip if you pack to be prepared.

How cold does it get in Toronto in November?

During November you can expect temperatures ranging from 4 to 10 degrees Celsius. It tends to be warmest in the afternoon, so you’ll want to plan to bring a sweater and/or jacket when you head out in the morning that you can easily remove later in the day. Evenings are generally cold, so prepare with some warmer outfits if you have nighttime plans.
While you typically won’t see snow in Toronto in November, rainy days are a definite possibility and the weather can be windy – especially down by the waterfront. But don’t let that deter you from a late fall trip to Toronto! Come admire the colourful leaves, enjoy all the sights and attractions, and take some Insta-worthy autumn photos of the city. Just remember to use our checklist so you know what to pack for a trip in November.

Your Checklist For Packing Clothes

Packing Clothes

Before you start worrying about what to wear in Toronto in November, just relax. We have it all laid out for you in our packing checklist. Here’s what you need to bring:

Layers, Layers, Layers

Keep cozy during chilly mornings

If there’s one key takeaway to know about dressing for late fall in Toronto, it’s wear layers. You can keep cozy during chilly mornings and then shed a layer and enjoy the warmer afternoon sun. When you’re planning which outfits to pack, think t-shirts with hoodies, a blouse with a cardigan or open-front sweater, and tights or leggings under skirts and dresses.

Dressy Outfits That Keep You Warm AND Stylish

While you’re in Toronto, you should definitely plan to dress up and go out in the evening to a fabulous restaurant or take in one of the city’s world-class theatre performances. While you’d undoubtedly look good in a strappy dress or a lightweight button-up shirt, you’ll thank us when you’re not shivering if you pack a sweater dress instead or bring a wool blazer to wear over that shirt.

Versatile Dark Jeans

Dark jeans

A good rule when you’re packing for any trip is to pick pieces that can be used for more than one outfit. You don’t want to overload your luggage with completely different outfits for every day and evening event you have planned. For late fall, we recommend bringing a pair of dark jeans. They’re perfect for casual comfort while you’re sightseeing during the day and they can be easily dressed up for evenings out when paired with a fancier shirt.

A Lightweight Jacket or Coat

A Lightweight Jacket

You can leave your parka at home, but you will need to pack a jacket for Toronto in November. You’ll want something that you can comfortably layer over a sweater (remember – always layer!), and that will block the wind and possible rain. Avoid heavy, bulky coats that will be cumbersome to carry around if the day warms up. An anorak jacket or trench coat is a solid choice.

Comfy Footwear

Comfortable shoes are a must in a city where you can easily walk to many downtown attractions. You won’t need winter boots in November, but something with a thicker sole is good for rainy days. Chelsea boots are perfect for both changeable weather and shifting from day to evening wear. You might want to bring a pair of sneakers, too, for those dry and sunny late fall days. Or, you could always buy a pair on your trip at one of Toronto’s top sneaker shops!

A Canadian Tuxedo

Ah, The #CanadianTuxedo. Comfort, casual elegance, and good enough for Bing Crosby. This iconic denim-on-denim look has actually been making a comeback in the last year. Dress it up or dress it down – you’ll make a statement in any setting. Add it to your packing checklist and it will be the pièce de résistance of your trip attire!

Accessories To Pack For Your Trip

You’ll need more than just clothing on your packing checklist! These accessories deserve a spot in your suitcase, too:

Scarf and Gloves

Scarf and Gloves

While the weather in November is still great for exploring the city, we don’t want cold fingers to ruin your fun! A scarf and a pair of gloves won’t take up much room in your suitcase and they’re an easy way to add a little extra warmth without feeling too bundled up. If you got the extra space in your luggage, you can always pack a few colour options to accessorize with different outfits!

A Crossbody Bag

A Cross Body Bag

When you’re planning what to pack for a trip, think about what you’ll be doing and which items will be most useful for those activities. Making use of the UP Express and the city’s local transit, TTC is the best way to navigate Toronto – and a crossbody bag is less bulky than a backpack, making it easier to maneuver on public transit and access your personal items quickly. A crossbody bag is also your friend at the AGO where backpacks must be worn on the front, which can be a bit uncomfortable.

Travel Size Umbrella

November can be a little rainy, but don’t let that put a damper on your plans! A travel-sized umbrella will keep you dry and fits compactly in your bag. If it’s too wet for outdoor sightseeing, use that umbrella to shield yourself from the sprinkles while you head over to one of Toronto’s amazing museums.

Lightweight Knit Beanie

Lightweight Knit Beanie

November isn’t cold enough that you’ll need a thick winter toque, but a lightweight beanie will add a little extra warmth on windier days without making you sweat – and you’ll look stylish, too. If you tend to get cold easily, consider packing a few beanies in different colours so you can coordinate with different outfits. After all, accessorizing should be functional AND fun!


Although we often picture grey skies when thinking of November, there are plenty of clear days, too. Be sure to pack a pair of shades so you can head out to High Park in the crisp, autumn air and take a stroll to see the leaves. It’s just a 10-minute walk from UP Express Bloor Station!

Pack To Be Prepared

That’s it! Your travel packing checklist is complete and you’re ready for a fantastic trip to enjoy Toronto in November. Remember, if you’re arriving at Pearson Airport, Union Station in Downtown Toronto is just a 25-minute ride on UP Express – with two brief stops at Bloor and Weston, and trips run frequently, 7 days a week. You’ll enjoy a stress-free and affordable ride, and there’s plenty of dedicated luggage space for your suitcase. Now you just have to do the actual packing!